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Hi Ron –


I just wanted to send a quick thanks for working to make the Suzuki chromatic parts available. I understand that was probably a painful logistics issue with the new US distributors, as you mentioned to me previously.


I really appreciated you calling me as a follow-up to previous emails. I know that tiny parts like screws and springs aren’t worth much, if any, immediate sales value to you, but your customer service and attention to detail ensure that I’ll make all my future (and bigger) harp-related purchases through you. You have a great business, and it really is great to know your stock and service are always so top-notch.


J.J. White

On Mon, Dec 24, 2018 at 10:02 AM Steven Peterson wrote:
I want you guys to know, it is a real pleasure doing business with you.  I've experienced you guys being helpful, courteous, super quick FREE shipping and quality products.  I know not everyone may be 100% happy with what they receive, but that is no reflection against your professionalism. You guys give all the info and assistance possible and you do not manufacture these items. What a customer needs to do, is research the items they are interested in before purchasing. I do research, I read reviews, I watch u-tube videos.  Then I search on where to buy it. I've only purchased a few harmonicas from you, because I've  only known about you for a short while, (haven't been playing that long) but be sure to know, In the future any and all purchases I make I will be checking RockinRonsMusic for the item I'm looking for.  Thanks again guys,  Steve
I’ve been on a bit of an ordering spree lately after a break from purchasing equipment online. I used to deal with Coast-to-Coast a while back, and never ordered from Harp Depot, although they were a fall-back I had planned for if Coast-to-Coast didn’t have what I needed.
Recently, I’ve been reading the perils of Harp Depot and Coast-to-Coast on the internet (and learned that they were now out of business after combining), and I’ve become extremely glad I found you! I’ve found you and your site to be great to work with, very responsive, and that you have access to everything I need. I’m also very happy that you are a Seydel rep, which had been challenging to find a few years back. I’m also very happy I never found myself dealing with Harp Depot before they shuttered their doors!
So I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your fantastic service, and let you know you’ve become my go-to place for everything harp-related. Keep up the great work!
Best Regards,
Jon J
Man, you guys and gals are fast.  Superior service and prices, I just hope It makes me a better Harp player…but having  fun at it anyways!!! Peter J Wintermantel
Excellent customer service. You have a new lifelong customer! RB
Shout out to Ron Hobdy at Rockin Ron's online harmonica store. I have been in business with Ron for about 10 years, having commissioned him to ship the mail orders from my book and cd business and also sending my customers to his online shop to buy any and every harp on the market --plus accessories at a great price with great service. I have to say Ron's fast fair and error free service is just fantastic.He answers the phone, gives advice. Really cares. I am proud to be in business with him and of course recommend him to you. Jon Gindick
If only the rest of the world's costumer service was more like Ron. The price is the best, quality products and the customer service is outstanding. Wether I'm asking about tunings, valves, combs or harp racks, he is always caught up on what's new and takes the time to answer all my questions. Thank you Ron, Gonzalo.
Hi Ron
John from Australia here. I purchased a Shaker harp mic from you, which was delivered today, great little mic, very feedback resistant and nice tone, I've been gigging for forty years, and the feedback resistance of this little mic is the best I've come across so far. Looking forward to gigging with it this Sunday. Just wanted to thank you for great prompt service, I purchased 6 Suzuki harps' from you a couple of years ago, and I can't be happier. Just one thing, wish you had a store in Australia! Thanks again!
"I have been playing Harmonica for 40 years, and have placed many orders with RockinRons. Rockin Ron's is great-fair prices, quick and accurate delivery, outstanding service. You can't go wrong with RockinRons". Gary I
Greetings Ron,
If you ever need a testimonial, here’s mine. You have been supplying me with harmonicas for a number of years now, I think since the year you first started your web site, on-line business. You have consistently offered the best prices and best service of any harmonica dealer I know of. In addition, of all the places I do business with on-line, you get an A+. You ship fast, your shipments are accurate and you keep your word. I appreciate your obvious caring for your customers.
David Caraher
West Linn, Or
Special thanks to Ron Rockinronsmusic Hobdy. He's probably one of the very few harp gear dealers that had a Paddy tuned C harp in stock and he was close enough so that I could run by his place in San Diego and pick it up on the way to a gig in Long Beach. Folks, Ron is a straight up good guy and deserves our patronage. BTW-it was a very nice Seydel steel with a very nice wood comb. Played well out of the box. Used it to play the Dead version of Whisky in the Jar. I've been using a normal tuned harp and it's just to difficult to sound right on that song,perhaps because it's an Irish type tune.
To Ron, Johnna, and the rest of the staff,
Thank you for your email! I'm truly happy to hear of your company's history and of its success!
RocnRon'sMusic, from now on, DEFINITELY is my GO TO STORE for all things "harmonica!"
I love your selection of products!
And I'm more than impressed with how well and with how quickly my orders have been handled. 
I know of no other harmonica music store that offers such a selection of high quality items. In fact, I'd say just based on your selection of products, your music store "speaks" professional and "speaks" these "guys" love what they're doing! In short, your store, your website, both speak "class."
As for a bit of my history, I play diatonic and chromatic harmonica, piano and keyboards, electric and acoustic guitar, drums, and Irish whistle.
My mother was a degreed music teacher and she started teaching me to play piano at age 3.
I'm 53 years old. Unfortunately, at age 35 I became physically disabled and have been homebound ever since. My health does limit now much and how long I can play any one 
instrument. But the main POSITIVE is that I can still play, even though it is limited. And as far as performing in clubs, well anymore my health doesn't allow for it. Instead, I'm just performing for family and extended family and friends. All in all, music GREATLY helps to keep me POSITIVE and HAPPY!
Prior to age 35 I was an Industrial Designer in the Automotive Industry; drawing and sculpting both the exteriors and the interiors of both concept cars and production vehicles. During my career, I first worked for Chrysler in this capacity (when their headquarters were in Highland Park Michigan); next, I worked in this capacity for 5 1/2 years for BMW (at their headquarters in Munich, Germany; and finally, my last assignment was with General Motors (at their World Headquarters in Warren, Michigan).
At age 35, when I became disabled, it was EXTREMELY hard losing my career. for I was very good at what I did.
But I'm SO grateful to still have the ability to play musical instruments. Music helps me so much!
Once again, thank you for your email. And THANK YOU for all your work creating your business, it sure shows:)
You have a customer for life,
Michael B
I thought I'd give Ron a plug on here. I've been dealing with him for some time now and have always been pleased with both his prices and service. I have been using Hohner Rockets since first trying one and have gotten reed plates from Ron when needed. Unfortunately, through no fault of Ron, they are getting hard to come by (gee thanks Hohner). I asked Ron about buying a Special 20 and changing out the plates and he not only emailed me about it, but he called this morning to assure me that he's been trying to get the plates from Hohner and that the new Spec 20s he's got have the old style plates that won't fit Rockets. I thought that was really above and beyond service. I ended up buying a new Rocket and Ron was nice enough to give me a bit of a discount, which considering his prices are the best I've found online, was pretty nice. I'd just like to say that if you haven't tried Rockin' Ron's for your harmonica needs, do yourself a favor and look him up. Oh by the way, this is an unsolicited email. 
Lare "Shoeshine" Sattler   The Little Chicago Band   Canton Ohio
Hi Ron,
Good news Mate, 
I picked up today from the Embassy post office, the Squeal Killer in Blue with the Australian (AU) plug. Later in the day I cranked up the amp, dialed up the treble, and played me some sweet sounding Blues!
I can not thank you and Jason enough for providing such a fantastic product that brings out the best in any amp I hook it up to.
CHEERS to you both from me and all my mates here in Australia who will enjoy this Squeal Killer for years to come,
I just want to thank you for the exceptional service you provide! I have never had someone so helpful, kind and attentive. Not to mention your speedy shipping. All I ever have to wait is 2 days, and the fact that you ship same day nearly all of the time is amazing. Thanks again, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. We will continue to do business as long as you remain in business!!
Shane O
Hey Ron, I got your shipment of reed plates last night. They were waiting for me in the mailbox. 2 days transit time and I must say awesome. You would not believe what a chore it has been to obtain replacement reed plates over the last 3 years. I’ve tried Amazon and when you get the package 5 weeks later, the plates are not wrapped in their original packaging, look used, and were missing screws. Kind of like somebody found the reed plates at a garage sale and decided to put them up for sale on Amazon. So much for Amazon. It was like trying to get a set of replacement guitar strings AFTER the apocalypse. Guitar Center was no better. It took weeks for delivery while the folks at GC tried to figure out who was a good middleman. I was so pleased with your reed plate delivery that all I could do last night was just look at the new reed plates from Rockin’Rons and sip on a Jameson on the Rocks. Ron, good job. I’ll be in touch this week with another order. You, Ron, are the man.
I got the harps on Friday. Thanks so much for your willingness to substitute the Country Tuned harps! I'm really digging this tuning. It's great for fiddle tunes. I like the Manji, although they're not very consistently gapped... But what harp is? With a little work, they play fantastically... Incredible reed-to-slot tolerances. I've never seen a factory harp this precise or tight in its manufacture.
Your customer service is more than enough to win my loyalty, but your pricing and free shipping are the best anywhere. I don't know how you do it, really. Anyway, thanks again, and I look forward to doing much more business with you!
Enthusiastically Yours,
Patrick G
"Just wanted to let you know that my suzuki 64 chrome  and both sets of reed plates were on my door step when I checked my mailbox this morning. Thank you for your immpecable service.  Also for the Seydel neck strap. Merry Christmas to you , your wife and your family..God bless you on this holiday season.   R. Gordon.
RockinRon Staff, Thanks for the quick turnaround and the cool free goodies! Made my holidays, as I love Lee Oscars performances and his harmonicas. This is why I come to RRM – great prices, quick turnaround, fantastic products and staff. Your business reminds me somewhat of Richard Farrell (rest his soul) when he was in business, with an absolute dedication to providing the best available products to harmonica players of every stripe. Thanks again! Happy New Year. Shakey S Prunier.
"I wanted to drop you a line complementing the great customer service I have received over the last several months. You guys respond quickly and keep me up to date. When I order something from you guys I know the order will be right and I will get it promptly. I wish more internet stores would operate like you guys. There have been times when I have found an item slightly cheaper elsewhere but I order from you because I know you will take care of business. I am sure you hear from customers when things go wrong but I wanted to compliment on always getting it right. I read a lot of the comments from various harmonica forum sites I am sure you are aware that your company is almost always recommended as the one to do business and now I know why"  Thanks, Rick
Just to say thank you for such awesome service. Your shipping/delivery speed is incredible. Your customer care is exceptional. I am one very pleased customer!  Kindest regards, Pam
Ron, Thank you again for exceptional customer service.  Larry W
Thanks Ron. I really appreciate what you do for the harmonica community. I've been a small business owner, and I managed a retail musical instrument store many years ago, so I can appreciate the challenges. These days good customer service is hard to come by, let alone the sort of consistently GREAT customer service you provide, so I just thought I help out a little if I could.  Anyway, thanks for doing what you do, and happy holidays to you an yours! Loren
hey man thanks for the fast delivery on my order I got it two days after I placed the order it was one of your Delta frost d harps! I really enjoy it, plays well, very quick and responsive, nice and loud it does take a little more breath than my special twenties but I really think it's going to be great I jammed it out with the guys the other night and they seem to like it too. My style blows out the four draw all the time after or more shows so I'm hoping this will be more durable. It seems to be an overall nice harp. Thanks again and you are my new provider of equipment! Dusty L
Hey Ron, this is overdue but I just wanted to say thanks for what you do! It's a pleasure to do business with you- great selection and well-above average customer service!! Alan W
I'm often asked what harmonicas I use. Since 1991 I have been playing the Suzuki ProMaster valved. Still playing several I got that year, I just replace the reed plates when needed.
At the Newport Folk Festival In '64 I was approached by a Hohner rep, who endorsed me and furnished me free Marine Band harps for the next 2 yrs. They are great harps (Ray Bonneville still uses them), but for me there is no other choice than the ProMaster. I get mine from the best supplier I've ever found: RockinRonsMusic Homer
Hey folks, thanks for the service. Ordered reed plates on a Fri. morning and had them here in the Florida Keys on Monday afternoon. Cool, Jimmy
Hi Ron
Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived today. Everything looks and sounds great. Thanks again for the great products and service.   Above and beyond . . . as usual.
Best, Ron M
Thank you, Ron! I am very impressed with your service, and I will certainly order from you again. Greg O.
Thank you Very much,
Great Service, Price, and Fast Shipping!! Ron C.
Thank you, for the great service and relationship we have made on my journey through my harmonicas that I play . Thank you for all the help and knowledge of a listing ear. I got my goodies 2 days ago :) you Rock!
I'm going to use that cord Saturday what a great deal! Lynette G
Long Overdue post. I bought a set of Manjis from Ron Rockinronsmusic Hobdy a while back. It was a special deal, 3 Manjis G, A, and C. With a "defective" 7 harp hohner leather case. Accept The case was flawless. The first one I ordered had two spots under each magnet. No big deal. This one didn't even have that. And he threw in a set of screws because hes such a nice guy.
I always buy my harp gear from Rons. His prices are competitive at the least. His shipping is ungodly fast.
Infact after I made that order I checked the prices on Manjis just out of curiosity. On Google Guitar Center had them advertised for $45. At the time Rons price was $50. I asked Ron what the deal was. He said he would look into it an get back to me. He did, right away. He showed me the G Center site and how only the Bb was $45. Every other key was $69.99. TRICKERY!!! And if you want it shipped to your house instead of the store it costs MORE!! Rons doesnt play any of that Garbage. I will ALWAYS order my Harps from you Ron. Infact Im getting ready to place an order right now. Thats what made me think of this.
Thanks Again Ron. 
Rockin' Ron's
I just wanted to leave you a quick note to let you know that every order I have placed with your store has been accurate and fast. I sure enjoy dealing with your store - you are top notch!
Thanks for selling good harps at good prices :)




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