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Suzuki SCX-64 Chromatix Series Key of C 16 Hole Includes Free USA Shipping

$299.99 $245.00

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Manufacturer: Suzuki

Product Information

This model is on back order til the middle of March.
Suzuki Super Models Are Smooth As Silk
This model is only offered in the key of C
Cross tuned.
If a harmonica can be described as luxurious, the new Suzuki Chromatix Series surely qualify.
These 12, 14 and16 hole harmonicas are gorgeous to look at, substantial to hold and a pleasure to play. Comfortable and completely air tight, the Chromatix Series is specially designed for professionals and hand constructed by skilled workers . . . one at a time.
Features include ergonomically designed mouthpiece, precise and smooth slide mechanism, ABS comb, Phosphor Bronze reed plates and chrome plated covers. Close attention to detail make these harps the most airtight chromatics ever produced by a major manufacturer.
Play one once to hear and feel the difference. Their smooth tone production and quick response will allow you to advance your playing level far ahead of what you thought possible. Each Chromatix harmonica is packed in its own deluxe soft lined case.

Product Code: SCX-64

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Is good as everyone says

I'd like to say that I went for my first 16-holer inspired by players by Rod Piazza, but truth be told, I just wanted to be able to play that B below middle C on some melodies I like to hear, and after reading some reviews (including David Kettlewell's, in his book "Love of Chromatic Harmonica") decided to give the SCX-64 a whirl. Nice sale price and quick delivery from Rockin' Ron, and now I've got one. Nice sound, very nice playability, and great value. (I.e., the least-expensive quality 16-holer one can find anywhere.) This harmonica is everything the reviewers say it is. Comfortable, well built, and fun to play. There are some strange one-star reviews out there that upon careful reading seem to stem from one of two problems. Problem no. 1 is folks who tried to save even more money than the legit prices, ordered from offshore sources, and ended up with harmonicas that might have been used, don't come with a warranty (Ron is an authorized Suzuki dealer, so no worries there), or might even have been fakes. Problem no. 2 appears to primarily be players who have experience with only diatonics, and haven't quite learned that chromatics, and particularly four-octave chromatics, can be a bit finicky, and take a while to play evenly over the entire range. (There are excellent teachers on line and in print who point out that the player's body is the most important part of the instrument, particularly with the chromatic.) And one reviewer was confused (and even talked about sending his back for a refund) by Suzuki's particular tuning on the 16th hole: On that highest hole it's the normal B-draw, C-blow with slide out, but it's D-draw, C#-blow with the slide in. Intentional, according to Suzuki's tuning charts. And opens up some interesting possibilities.) If I'm ever a well-paid professional (don't I wish) I'll spring for one those super-expensive Hohners or Suzukis, but for a starter 16-hole chromatic the SCX-64 is a fabulous value.

Rob Sawyer :: 04 Oct 2015, 19:17

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