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Suzuki Promaster Boxed Set MR-350-S includes Free USA Shipping

$384.99 $355.00

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Manufacturer: Suzuki

Product Information

This is the boxed set of Promasters. You get 6 keys C,G,A,D,F & Bb all in one master box.
Please note that they do not come in their own individual cases,  just one nice case with all 6 harmonicas inside.

Product Code: MR-350-S

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4

All good

I've had and played Honer's for 55+ years and decided to try a set of these after meeting a guy that had a set. They feel good, bend easily, and so far, they've lasted 3 years with no issues. I play them a lot. I would totally recommend these harps.

STeve :: 13 Nov 2017, 07:30

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