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Manufacturer: Suzuki

Product Information

Manji reed plates are your best bet to use as replacement reed plates for your Olive.
Modern  full style Coverplates
Available keys: A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, HG, LF
If we don't have a certain key in stock we will have Suzuki USA ship within one or two days. Order up with confidence.
The coverplates have a vivid green Olive hue, achieved in a special high-tech process without any coloring material for lasting durability and clear tone.
Hybrid Wood-Resin Comb
In the past, all harmonicas had wood combs. They gave a warm tone but wood absorbed moisture from the players's breath and deformed, reducing airtightness and playing comfort. To solve this problem, Suzuki has invented the wood-resin composite body. This material is composed of over 50% wood fibers encased in impermeable resin, which allows the player to enjoy the tone of a traditional wooden harmonica without its past problems. First pioneered on the popular Manji diatonic, this comb has been widely praised by players.
Made in Japan
The ease of playing a harmonica is strongly influenced by its airtightness. Suzuki 10 hole harmonicas are extremely airtight due to highly accurate manufacturing processes and assembly. The Olive's tight seal between component parts makes respond quickly to quick phrases, and gives sensitive tone and bending control. The Olive offers equal tuning.
In addition, Suzuki's unique welded-reed manufacturing process gives unprecedented accuracy of reed attachment and the most accurate reed/slot alignment of any manufacturer. This allows the reeds to respond flexibly to all advanced bending and overblowing technique to achieve a dynamic, deep sound.
These high-tech achievements come from a Suzuki tradition of continual improvement of manufacturing processes and a never-ending search for new ideas, backed up by the famously high standards of Japanese craftsmanship, forging a pleasing harmony between tradition and innovation. The "Made in Japan" stamp on Suzuki harmonicas guarantees the player a consistently high quality of manufacture and service.
C-20 Olive Harmonica
The Suzuki Manji uses a compromise tuning which is essentially equal temperament with a few cents lopped off the major thirds of the chords. The  Suzuki Olive has a similar tuning, but the sample I tried also had the 6 and 10 draw noticeably lowered. Pat Missin
  • Range: 10 Holes, 10 Notes
  • Notes: Major 12 Keys plus HighG, LowF
  • Materials: Stainless steel coverplates, Solid body with natural wood fiber
  • Remarks: Replaceable Phosphor Bronze Reedplate
  • Accessories: Softcase

Product Code: C-20

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Outstanding Harp!

Right out of the box, my Olive and Lucky 13's is my most playable, easily bendable harps. So far (I'm just beginning) I have two Seydel Session Blues, a Lee Oskar, Hohner Blues harp with an Andrew Zajac comb, a Suzuki Manji and Promaster Valved, and some Lucky 13's. I really like this one. And the wood/composite comb really sounds good.

Bob Marsolais :: 25 Jan 2017, 16:14

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