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Softy Leather case/pouch for 10 Hole diatonic harmonicas by Silverwing Leather Includes free USA shipping


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The SilverWing Leather company Owner Michelle LeFree
In Stock :
These fit most 10 Hole Diatonic harmonicas.
1 - Double Tan
7 - Double Black   
2 - Double Dark Brown
4 - Single Dark Brown  
Info taken from Michelles site: I buy whole sides of that 3/64" thick (almost 1/8") full-grain garment leather*. I describe it as thick and supple. It's made to be very tough and resilient and is usually used by manufactures of biker leather. We don’t offer the crushproof protection of rigid molded leather cases because they are meant to be carried in pockets or purses where they are protected from direct contact from outside objects. They do afford protection from lint and fuzz as they are deep enough to cover all 10 holes and have full cover flap with a positive snap closure.
You know that you carry at least one harp wherever you go, right? If you don’t you need to start. And here is the ideal way to do that while protecting your favorite axe from foreign material and minor bumps and dings. Yes, you probably have a free case that came with your harmonica. It might even be made of a leather-like material, but is it full-grain genuine leather through and through? Does it have a flap to close it? Is it guaranteed by the maker? Probably not. You paid dearly for your favorite carry diatonic; you might want to think about how you carry it around.
Here are some updates and info from Michelle, the maker of these fine goods.
1 - I use snaps found only on the highest quality leather gloves.
2 - I always take the time to cover the inside of the snap with a thin piece of pigskin so that the harmonicas won't get scratched.

In short, I take no shortcuts and use the finest available materials. I say that "this case will be handed down to your next generation harmonica player."

To me, that little piece of thin leather covering the inside of the snap speaks volumes about the thought and care put into Softy-Singles. These cases aren't manufactured off-shore using inexpensive materials by poorly paid workers who've never seen a harmonica. Softy-singles are proudly handmade in the USA one by one at SilverWing Leather, by a harmonica player for harmonica players.
Single or Double add $3.50 for the Double 
Harmonicas not included.

Product Code: softy

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 3.8


As is pointed out by other reviewers, these are NOT belt holsters. Rather, they are really nice pouches (great for front - not back - pockets, guitar cases, suitcases, glove compartments, briefcases, desk drawers, etc. The double pouch is smallish, e.g., fits a pair of Special 20s, but doesn't easily fit a pair of Seydel Sessions. (In fact, I converted my double to be a pouch for my hearing aid case, a function that not only is handy for traveling with the hearing aids, but also gives me joy when I use it - it's that nicely-made a product.) Michelle does really nice work, so if you're looking for a way to carry a harp in a pocket or a bag where your harmonica will know it's well-loved and cared-for, this product is for you. If you need to carry a bunch of harps on your belt, well ... Ron's got lots of other good products for you (e.g., Seydel's belt pouches).

Rob Sawyer :: 15 Jun 2019, 20:14

A great little soft case with character

I really like this case. I've been carrying it nearly every day for almost two years, and there is no sign of it falling apart in the next decade. The stitching is tight, the snap works like new, and the leather is in great shape. It keeps the harmonica free of dust, pocket lint, and scratches, but it is not as protective as a hard case, so don't carry it in your back pocket.

George Mayhew :: 04 Oct 2018, 18:07

Silverwing leather pouch

You can pay more but you won't find better for a leather jeans pocket case. I carry mine every day, no complaints at all. Top notch like everything I have bought from Ron. I used to make knife sheaths and I can say Michelle does a nice job, especially the stitching.

John Tunney :: 19 Jul 2017, 13:17

Silver wing carrying case

I have never been more disappointed with a product that I ordered. This is a light weight leather with no way to carry it on a belt. I would be better off wrapping my harmonica in my handkerchief. Wasted $20 RockinRonsMusic would like to add that the description mentioned no belt loop etc. Michelle @ Silverwing leather has a wonderful reputation. We told Clyde to send it back for a refund. We appreciate Clydes business and friendship.

Clyde Woolsey :: 26 Jun 2017, 08:16

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