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Flashlight not included, but can be added to the order using the drop down menu option. Also, the battery is not included in the flashlight. Sorry, that is how they were sold to us.
Flashlight Battery:  Power : 1 * AA/1 * 14500 3.6v Battery (not included)
Here's an idea: An Harmonica Lightsaber.
Light boxes are great for close examination of the clearance between the reed and reed slot. After all, that's sort of the domain of the harmonica technician, whether repairing or customizing. Much of what we do is focused on those clearances because many of the problems and solutions to making harmonicas play better happen in those gaps between reeds and reed plate. Any time we work on reeds we may need to re-center them. And, obstructions are easy to spot with back illumination.
With the harmonica repair business getting more and more competitive, the trend is towards the increased efficiency of working on reeds and reed plates while they're still mounted on the comb (e.g., Richard's draw scraper and Andrew's 5-cent tuner, even embossing).
But there's a problem with using light boxes: You have to remove the reed plates from the comb to use one.
Enter SilverWing 3-Space's "Harmonica Lightsaber." It's a small black flexible 3D printed cap that slips over the end of a flashlight. Embedded in the cap is a clear acrylic bar that lights up like a light bulb when the flashlight is turned on. The Lightsaber fits any 1" diameter flashlight. The illuminated bar fits neatly through the comb into the reed chamber to illuminate that all-important region between reed and reed plate slot. (Please forgive the poor picture quality. This thing is a bear to photograph. At least you get the idea. Your eye will like it much better.)
Harmonica not included

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