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Shaker Dynamic Retro Rocket Harmonica Microphone


Manufacturer: Shaker Microphones

Product Information

Call it as you see it, vintage /aged /historic /re-creation, or relic; It's a truly awesome microphone. It's a Shaker Dynamic Retro Rocket and it's time to advance into the new age of the Blues, with a "shakerized" bullet type harp mic. The Shaker RR is really easy to hold, fits right in the cup of your hands. It's approximately 40% smaller than traditional bullet type mics. This reduces hand fatigue and allows the player to use hand movements such as wah-wah effects with more control. The Dynamic Retro Rocket has a big, full powerful sound. It is a new bullet type mic that creates its own special qualities, that any player will appreciate, but with a Shaker touch of technology and craftsmanship. Played open its voice is clear and smooth, but cup it tight, it gets nasty fast. The Dynamic RR will drive any tube amp into the tone zone. Each RR is handmade by Shakey Joe himself!
It has been designed the same as all of our mics, "by harp players for harp players". It's the real deal. Cast metal alloy body with a black krinkle finish coat, and a super heavy duty Dynamic element. Solid hand cast pewter grille. Output: Old timey, single contact, mushroom connector by Switchcraft. This means you will need a Switchcraft 332AX Screw on adapter in order to use this mic. This is a great sounding microphone, with over the edge dynamics and a truck load of harmonic content. The RR rejects feedback just like the rest of our Shaker microphone line. If you want more volume from your RR, use an impedance matching transformer at the amp. This increases the amps output by 2 or 3 times. So in essence, you're getting 2 microphones rolled into 1.
Here are the two set up options with the accessories needed.
1.) If you are looking for a classic, warm, smooth sound with great dynamics and tone you might need to turn your amp higher than expected ( 7 might be a good start ) and you will need the  Switchcraft 332Ax adapter and a >>> link >>> guitar/instrument cable.  <<< Click here.
2.) If you are looking for smoking hot & over the top, nasty & loud you will need the Switchcraft 332Ax adapter,  the 1/4" male to XLRM Special Shaker cable and either of the matching impedance adapters. All accessories are shown the in drop down menu. 
Tech Stuff That Applies to All Shaker Microphones
All Shaker mics are Hybrid Tone Tools. They utilize low Z elements wired as Hi Z units. This produces the distinctive Shaker tonality and response when coupled with our GNS (Good Noise Sampling) technology. GNS also reduces feedback to almost nothing. If you want to get louder, just utilize a special Shaker 1/4" M to XLR M cable into an impedance matching transformer at the input of your amp and zappo! KaBoom! It goes way loud and really pushes your amp. All these accessories are available on this listing.

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