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Shaker Dynamic 1/4 or XLR Includes Free USA Shipping


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Manufacturer: Shaker Microphones

Product Information

This mic has an 11 detent volume control knob.. The tone is thick, full bodied, with a lot of harmonic overtones, and has great feedback rejection. This mic is identical on the outside to the Crystal Shaker, but that's where the similarity ends. It has a wide frequency response and strong mid range. The shape is ergonomatic, designed to fit in the hand that holds the harp, with almost no conscious effort. It's a design thing. This greatly reduces hand fatigue and allows greater use of both hands for gestures. This is one great sounding mic. Lightweight, under 4 ounces.
It has been designed the same as all of our mics, "by harp players for harp players". It's the real deal. If you want more volume from your Dynamic 1/4", use an impedance matching transformer at the amp. This increases the amps output by 2 or 3 times. So in essence, you're getting 2 microphones rolled into 1.
Here are the two set up options with the accessories needed.
1.) If you are looking for a classic, warm, smooth sound with great dynamics and tone you might need to turn your amp higher than expected ( 7 might be a good start ) and you will need a guitar/instrument cable. 
2.) If you are looking for smoking hot & over the top, nasty & loud you will need the 1/4" M to XLR M Special Shaker cable and either of the matching impedance transformers. All accessories are shown the in drop down menu. 
Please note if you order the Dynamic XLR model you will only need a XLR male to XLR female cable and a matching impedance transformer 
Tech Stuff That Applies to All Shaker Microphones
All Shaker mics are Hybrid Tone Tools. They utilize low Z elements wired as Hi Z units. This produces the distinctive Shaker tonality and response when coupled with our GNS (Good Noise Sampling) technology. GNS also reduces feedback to almost nothing. If you want to get louder, just utilize a special Shaker 1/4" M to XLR M cable into an impedance matching transformer at the input of your amp and zappo! KaBoom! It goes way loud and really pushes your amp. All these accessories are available on this listing.
If you need a 1/4" cable for your mic, we have many options availablehere
If you need an XLR cable, there are options available here
Shaker Microphone guarantees to replace or repair (at our option) the Shaker Microphone for a period of 1 year from the date of the original purchase if found to be a defect of manufacturer.  (Original receipt/invoice is required for any warranty work.) This guarantee includes parts & labor.  This guarantee does not include the finish or damages caused by TAMPERING or ABUSE.  This is very important, so please note:  Send your mic directly to us, Shaker Microphone, and we'll take care of you personally, and do not go thru your dealer/store or distributor.  If you try to fix the mic yourself, or tamper with it, it does negate the warranty. Please include the cost of return shipping in the box with the mic, or contact info.  Also, after a year we will repair your microphone for a fee of approximately $35 plus the return shipping.  Thanks for your compliance in this matter and for being a "Shaker Player"! 
Note for XLR option: XLR connector is wired pin 2 hot

Product Code: shakerdyn1/4

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Shaker Dynamic Microphone

I have been playing the "Shaker" Dynamic Mic for so long I cannot remember the exact date...but it is decades for sure! I have purchased and been sent to review just about everything out there and I always come back to the Shaker Dynamic Mic.....for my taste and style of playing it is is a link to one of my videos of me using one :)

Steve Harvell :: 29 May 2017, 18:55

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