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Seydel Session Steel Special Tuning Major Cross Tuning includes Free USA Shipping


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IN STOCK Keys: 1G, 1A, 2Ab, 1B, 2Bb, 1C, 1D, 1Db,  1LF#, 1LF, 1LEb, 1LE available now from RockinRons.   These are the keys available form Seydel USA.
Tony Eyers' MAJOR CROSS tuning - corrosion-free Blues harmonica with stainless steel reeds, ergonomically shaped covers and plastic comb.
The MAJOR CROSS tuning, developed by Tony Eyers, allows a major scale to be played in second (or cross) position without any bending. While many players use second position, they often find traditional tunes challenging, due to the bending/overblowing needed for some notes.
MAJOR CROSS eliminates this problem. Moreover, as bending/overblowing is generally not needed, Major Cross harmonicas are well suited to the fast speeds common with traditional fiddle tunes.
Three other positions are available for Major Cross harmonicas. These are:
  • 4 hole draw as the root note: this is for “modal” tunes, e.g. Red Haired Boy, an American bluegrass standard
  • 3 hole blow as the root note: this is for minor tunes, such as “Drowsy Maggie”, a well known Irish tune
  • 1 hole draw as the root note: another minor position, for tunes like “Jerusalem Ridge”, another bluegrass standard

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