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Seydel Reed Plate Set for 1847 Polished Reed Plates (Same as used in the Lightning model) Includes Free USA Shipping


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Manufacturer: Seydel

Product Information

Spare reedplates with polished stainless steel reeds for 1847 Blues models. Same plates are used with the New Seydel Lightning model.
Set of two completely tuned spare reedplates (upper and lower plate) - with polished stainless steel reeds for very good durability and reed response.
Fit all SEYDEL Blues harmonicas with solid combs, namely: 1847 CLASSIC, SILVER, NOBLE, LIGHTNING, FAVORITE and SOLIST PRO.
The reed offset is pre-adjusted; some reeds may require a fine-adjustment (>Setting-up the reed offset).

Product Code: 166011000

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


bought the polished reeds to check them out when a harp went bad. Polished? Hmm, in my book something that is polished, shines. The only thing shiny is the reed plate. Don't know how that would help the performance/. does perform very nice. Actually very very nice for a super high key (E). I guess I am not complaining, just wondering about the whole polishing thang.

Tony Westlake :: 22 Feb 2020, 19:20

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