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SALE Suzuki FireBreath MR-500 keys Eb, F#, B, HG includes Free USA Shipping

$85.00 $75.00

Manufacturer: Suzuki

Product Information

Special price on keys Bb, Eb, F#, B, Low F, and High G. Only one each at this price
Machined Phosphor Bronze reed plates (replaceable) or the computer-aided laser cut, tuned and bendable reed system
Rosewood comb
Black Cover Plates
Equal tuned like the Promaster
This wood allows unique tonal qualities and when used in harmonica construction, gives a warmer tone. Rosewood can produce a high velocity of sound and a broad range of mid and low overtones. These 'lows' help to create a complex bottom end which imparts a richness to the overall tone to the instrument.
The heart of the instrument, the re-designed reeds, have been produced with the advanced player in mind, although this new reed design makes it easier to play the instrument chromatically, right out of the box! The new Suzuki Reed plates allow ease of play, especially with overblow and overdraw techniques.
Case included.

Product Code: MR-500SALE

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