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Harmonica repair and modification.
OPEN DOOR HARMONICAS- Custom harmonicas and repairs by harmonica tech, Burke Trieschmann. Custom diatonics in many models. Optimized & refurbished Chromatics.  Repairs for most Diatonic & Chromatic harmonicas, auxiliary reed (Sub 30's), and other specialty harmonicas. or    ph: 510 409 8126
Dennis Fischette:  Phone 908 230 5171 Diatonic Harp Repair: Includes set up on new and used harps plus customizing.

Gary Lehmann- 858-254-9389 Repairs and tunes all brands.
Michael EastonFathead Musical Instruments.
Mike Peace - His primary business is Hohner Diatonic repair. He keeps a stock of reeds, combs, and covers for the sp20's,marine bands,and crossover harps. Basic charge for cleaning, reed replacement, tuning and gapping is $15. Other services such as special tunings , embossing, and customizing are available. He will be doing chromatics in the future.
Route 66 Custom Harmonicas 10804 East 7th Street Tulsa, OK 74128 (918)-527-2474
Mark Repairs and tuning. Reed replacement.  RIP  Harp guru. Thank you for your service and friendship.
George Miklas harmonica repair and more.
Kevin Baker: Chromatic repair and customizer. Contact info or Facebook. 
Don Makowski- Dee's Finely Tuned Instruments - Contact Don for harp cleaning, tuning, customizing, and repair Mastering Tools. Learn the scoop on harmonicas, gear, and playing blues harp from a professional player and instructor.
Jon Harl - RIP, one of the best
Slim Line Henry - Hohner and repairs, located in UK
Greg Jones - Seydel Personal service and customizer
Harvey Harp - Hohner repairs and customizer
Vern Morgus - Chromatic Repair 360-426-6877
Steve Malerbi - Harmonica Service - Chromatic, Orchestral harmonica repairs, tuning, and custom work.
Hohner, Suzuki, Seydel, Hering, Huang, Tombo.
Custom work.
Andrew Zajac's Custom Harmonicas
Richard Sleigh Harmonica Mastering Tools. Learn the scoop on harmonicas, gear, and playing blues harp from a professional player and instructor.
Joe Spiers offers custom harmonicas in 4 stages, to meet the needs of players with different styles and budgets. From traditional blues to modern jazz with overblows, there's a model for you. Visit You won't be disappointed.
Burke Trieschmann
INFO ON TUNINGS and more: See Pats site.
Local San Diego lessons:

Interested to learn to play, have fun, and jam? 

Check out  The San Diego Harmonica Club.

Harmonica lessons: Harmonica John Frazier contact John 619-709-2217

Harmonica lessons in North County San Diego Joe Doyle
Harmonica lessons in Encinitas Jerry Michelsen 760-943-8684
Jim Vevaina 858 524 1055 Local San Diego Harmonica teacher.
Online lessons:
Learn to play the harmonica. Check out Jon Gindick. Jon has a huge selection of instruction CDs & books and more. Bookmark Jon Gindick's site. Attending his JAM CAMP will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your harmonica journey. Jon brings in some of the best to help you learn this incredible instrument. Read about these valuable harp teaching seminars.  Check out this site for some great teaching opportunities from Ronnie Shellist Up since 2008, Harmonica Academy provides detailed online lessons.  Audio players and backing tracks underpin the lessons, which provide a step by step path from novice up to advanced levels.
Michael Rubin
Looking for a fantastic teacher in the Seattle WA area? Check out Grant Dermody. He is also available to teach online.

Clint   612-721-6579  I’ve been teaching both diatonic and chromatic for 40 years, both in person and online and I used to teach in Mpls through a number of schools. Now I’m in Pittsburgh and work independently as an instructor.

Combs and tools:

One of the best in the business. Andrew Zajac's Custom Harmonicas, Combs, and Tools Andrew is a master comb builder. He has also designed some amazing harmonica tools. He has allowed us to carry his goods in the USA. Check out his site. Full of great info. Harmonica Mastering Tools. Learn the scoop on harmonicas, gear, and playing blues harp from a professional player and instructor.
Blue Moon Harmonicas is a premier manufacturer of beautiful custom harmonica combs. We make more than 180 different combs for Hohner, Suzuki and Seydel diatonic harmonicas.  Our combs are precision CNC Milled from Wood, Aluminum, DuPont™ Corain®, Brass and Fancy Acrylic.  We stand behind every product we offer with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with anything you purchase from us we will cheerfully refund your money plus your shipping costs. Tom Halchak – Owner Clearwater, FL USA
More great resources:
Looking for guitar or harmonica pickups? Check out Best in the business!
Highest quality Harmonica AMPS You will always find high quality customer service at HarpGear.
San Diego, meet Planet of The Amps your Full Service Vintage Tube Experts. Repair, Restoration and Modification of all tube amplifiers. Kevin also builds amazing affordable custom amps. For professional Service and Speedy Turn around Call Kevin (619) 890-7495 or e-mail Kevin is a great guy with tons of Tube amp knowledge
Recording and Mixing Services: Local San Diego musicians. Looking for quality studio time at an affordable rate? Check out my son John Hobdy. Email John at or contact John direct 858-717-7536
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