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Manufacturer: Farmer

Product Information

The Farmer SideNote Harp Holder has a half arch that makes taking it off around your neck a breeze – no need to take off your hat or worry about your hair! This aluminum half arch is solid and sturdy, yet flexible enough to adjust the position of the harp cradle. 

Start with the Farmer SideNote Harp Holder and consider the add-on options available below to get the most out of your harp holder.  


  • Made with 4 mm stainless steel, aluminum, rare earth magnet, steel, and leather.
  • Comes with a free soft case for easy stowing and travel.
  • Magnetic harp mount features with a very strong rare earth magnetic cradle for quick, one-handed harmonica swap outs.*
  • Adjust harp height and angle quick and easy without any tools.
  • Over-sized wingnut to easily cinch down the frame angle. 
  • Every SideNote is assembled by hand in our Michigan shop with care.
  • Get the most out of your harp holder with a harp or mic holder; duel harp, or backup harmonica holster


*The magnetic harp mount securely holds nearly all harmonicas including Lee Oskar, Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki, and more.



Product Code: FMI 225

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