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Bulletini Holder for a Microphone Stand includes free USA shipping


Product Information

Info taken from the maker of these holders. We are the US dealer for them.

Why Bulletini Holder ?

Because Bulletini microphone from BlowsMeAway Production is one of the most exciting little microphones in the last couple of years. Dirty sound and fat bottom end are the main features of Bulletini element and that's why is Bulletini a favorite mic among harmonica players. 

Some harmonica players are playing multiply instruments and that is why they need a holder for their favorite microphone. Other musicians just like to sing trough it to dirty up their voice.

Bulletini Holder features:

  • round design and smooth surface comfortable to hold or cup with hands
  • mate black color that goes great with Bulletini microphone
  • easy click your Bulletini in and out
  • holding a Bulletini microphone safely
  • easy access to switchcraft adapter or volume control
  • built in thread adapter for mounting on a mic stand

Bulletini microphone is just for preview, it is NOT included.

Additional info
All holders are molded out of the resin and sanded by hand for smooth finish. Some very tiny holes (air bubbles from molding) will be maybe visible on the holder surface but it is not affecting the main use of a holder.


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