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Manufacturer: Hohner

Product Information

The Thunderbird, the latest addition to the legendary Marine Band product line, creates a new benchmark for low and super low diatonic harmonicas by incorporating:
  • Special new reed profiles for fast response and high volume even at an extremely low pitch.
  • Patented triple laminated and layered bamboo comb construction.
  • Conical lower cover design by Joe Filisco prevents reed rattle.
  • Cover and plates fitted with Philips head screws for easy maintenance.
Comes in these keys: LoA, LoBb, LoC, LoD, LoE, LoEb, LoF, LoLoF, LoG

Product Code: M2011bx

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

everyone knows. why a review?

Asking for a review for this product is like asking if a rainbow is good or if a star-ry nighttime sky is good or if true love is good or if honesty is good or if going camping or going on vacation is good. OK I will give it a review. It is good. No I do not personally own one yet but also I am not in heaven yet either. Your harp pal, Harmonica "Blues Dance" Lance

harmonicabluesdancelance :: 03 Jun 2015, 11:51

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