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Hohner Remaster Vol II Key of C FREE USA SHIPPING!!!!

$29.95 $20.00

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Manufacturer: Hohner

Product Information

The Hohner Remaster Vol II is part of the 2016 collectors edition remaster series.

Similar to a Big River. Includes cool denim looking pocket pouch. No belt loop.

  • Comb: Transparent ABS
  • Number of holes: 10
  • Reeds: 20 brass
  • Reed Plates: 0.9mm brass,  MS SERIES.
  • Read Plate Surface: brass
  • Cover Surface: Stainless steel with closed side vents.
  • Mouthpiece Surface: transparent ABS
  • Slide Construction: straight
  • Length: 10.5 cm
  • Comes in a unique pouch
  • Keys: C major
  • MS reed plates will fit this model.

Product Code: HOH-REM-V2

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