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Hohner HH-154 Harmonica Holder/Rack Free USA Shipping

$23.99 $11.85

3.0 average, based on 2 reviews

Manufacturer: Hohner

Product Information

Hohner HH-154 Harmonica Holder Features at a Glance:
  • Leaves your hands free to play a guitar or anther musical instrument
  • Designed for use with almost all harmonicas
  • Comfortable rubberized neck brace
  • Sturdy frame

Product Code: HH-154

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 3

Nicer now with simple mods.

This is an updated review. I am happier with this now that I made a few simple changes. I straightened the L shaped brackets that keep the harp from falling out the back. This caused them to break at the 90 degree bend. I then bent them back up with my thumb. The bend starts as they exit from under the bar. I stopped about 15 degrees from straight up. Before I did that I swung them around 180 degrees on the rivets so they came out the other direction. That is because I also swung the neck brace around. The ends of the neck brace point down slightly. The harp was low for me. Swinging it around made them point up, raising the harp. Perhaps the standard way works better for others. This puts the thumbscrew on the left but that's OK. I also took a Dremel tool to the rivet heads that were scratching my harps and took them way down. I did that before bending the brackets and the rivets held just fine. I probably took 70% off the tops and smoothed the edges flush to the bar. This holder now works great for my Lee Oskar diatonics and Suzuki tremolo harps. I also replaced the hose on the neck part with a 3/8 ID X 1/2 OD clear vinyl hose a foot long. 35 cents at Lowes off the bulk roll. The original hose didn't cover the ends of the neck brace.

Rex :: 04 Aug 2016, 19:24

OK but difficult to switch harps.

This is a very sturdy holder. It almost takes three hands to put a harp in it. One on each end by the springs and one for the harp. The L shaped brackets that keep the harp from falling out the front are long and pivot on rivets. In the picture they are swung all the way back. I had to tape them in place to be of use. The rivets for those brackets may scratch the cover of your harp (it happened with some brands I use). I taped over those also to prevent scratching more harps. This holder works and is inexpensive and tough. But it is difficult to change harps quickly.

Rex :: 19 May 2016, 18:28

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