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Manufacturer: Hohner

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Attractive 1950s look, with full length covers, closed at the sides. The Golden Melody is the only Hohner diatonic harp featuring equal tempered tuning which makes it especially suitable for melody playing. Equal Tuning.
The 542/20 Golden Melody Hohner is an especially airtight harmonica with a strong, full-bodied sound. The curved ends provide extra holding comfort, and it's ideal for overblowing. Get the one virtuoso Howard Levy prefers. Curved cover plates extend the entire length of the harmonica, providing increased resonant capacity. Reeds are set close to the open-framed mouthpiece and respond to the most subtle of commands, making the Golden Melody perfect for overblowing as well as bending. Case included.
Reeds: 20
Reedplates: Brass; 0.9 mm
Comb: Plastic; red
Length in cm: approx. 10.0

Product Code: 542

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Golden Melody Model 542

I started playing Harmonica in 1968 and used the Hohner Marine Band 10 hole 20 reed model until I found the Golden Melody in 1975. I bought one and was completely convinced that I had finally found a Professional level Diatonic Harmonica. I’ve been playing them for 42 years. The quality control on them has been the most consistent I’ve ever found in any harmonica I’ve ever played. The response to my playing is instant, louder and the tone fuller than other Harmonicas I’ve tried.

Brian Brazil :: 21 Aug 2017, 16:36

Golden Melody

I am surprised, Hohner's Golden Melody, has not been reviewed...It is the most airtight of all my Hohner's. The Golden Melody, is the most comfortable to hold, with it's banana shape instead of the boxcar design. It is easy to bend and produces a great mellow sound, with plenty of loudness, if that's what you want. I have a C, G and A. In my top three harmonica's. I definitely recommend, the Golden Melody. I wish Hohner, would make one with a wooden or bamboo comb.

Gary Lane :: 30 Nov 2016, 09:36

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