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Hohner Echo Harp 55/80 2 x 40 New Old Stock Includes Free USA Shipping


Manufacturer: Hohner

Product Information

These are New Old Stock of discontinued models. Harps are brand new never played, but some of the boxes are a little crushed.
In stock: 4C/G, 2Bb/F
40 holes, 80 reeds with wooden comb
For more than a century, these Hohner 55 double-sided harmonicas have been a player favorite. Two keys are available on each individual instrument. The Hohner 55 Double Sided Echo’s Harmonicas precision tuned reeds create a beautifully blended vibrato tone.
The classic Hohner 55 double sided tremolo-tuned harmonica - all models in this series consist of two instruments in one. The opposing keys are always tuned a fifth apart.

Product Code: 55/80

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