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Manufacturer: Hohner

Product Information

The Marine Band 1896 is the archetypal blues harmonica. Almost unchanged since it was patented in 1896, this iconic instrument embodies the real deep blues like no other and is the benchmark against which all others are judged. Initially designed for European folk music, it quickly became a prominent voice of American blues of the early 20th century, played by all harmonica players of this era. It’s the soundtrack of broken hearts and dancing all night, of endless prairies and sweaty nightclubs. Like no other harmonica, the Marine Band 1896 is an invitation to express yourself in music, a key to unlock your creativity. When you discover this piece of living musical history, you won’t just play the blues. You’ll feel the blues.
Traditional assembly with nails
Reed plates and covers are affixed with nails for the traditional look and feel

Curved covers with side vents
Curved covers with side vents for the original blues sound

Double lacquered pearwood comb
Comb sealed with 2 layers of clear lacquer to reduce swelling

Reed plates (material, thickness):    brass, 0.9 mm
Reed plates (surface):    brass
Reeds (number, material):    20, brass
Comb (material, color):    pearwood, brown
Comb (finish):    double lacquered
Mouthpiece (surface):    pearwood
Cover plates:    stainless steel
Type:    diatonic
Number of holes:    10
Tonal range:    3 octaves
Length:    10 cm / 3.9”
Tuning chart C

Product Code: 1896

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Love this Harmonica. Support this site.

Yes, this is the one. Bought my first one in 1965. I’ve tried all of the others but I could never find a better Harmonica. I urge all to buy from this site. The prices can’t be beat period. I don’t know how he does it? I don’t care for the big box stores. Support this site! Theirs a real human element here.

John Hickey :: 31 Jan 2019, 18:50

Marine Band 1896

My first harmonica years ago, and it still plays great...In the key of G. I think, the Marine Band, is the most comfortable harp to play.

Paul Varjak :: 26 Nov 2016, 11:52

PaP C.

I agree with the one review posted. I recently picked up my first Marind Band when I started playing in 1967. It still plays very good. So I bought some more MBs from RRs. Love-em.

Larry C. :: 23 Jan 2016, 06:42

Sometimes "old and unchanged" is a plus

What? No one's reviewed the standard Marine Band yet? Come on! A year ago, for my 65th birthday, I decided to take up harmonica (after 50 years of stringed instruments). Inspired by Milwaukee's own Lil' Rev, I bought a C Marine Band (and Lil Rev's instruction book). After a year that has included picking up and playing a bunch of different Lee Oskars, Hohners and Seydels (all nice harps), I've figured out why there are lots of touring pros whose harp cases include nothing but Marine Bands. Like Leo Fender's Telecaster, Gibson's J-45 and Kamaka's HF-1, get it right the first time and you never have to change it.

Ukulele Rob :: 09 May 2015, 00:18

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