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Hohner 16 Hole Chromatic Reed Plates C RP280-C free usa shipping


Manufacturer: Hohner

Product Information

Hohner 64 Chromonica Reed Plates key of C (they only make them in key C)
Fits the 280 and the (Pre-2018) Super 64 (not the Super 64X or New Super 64/Super64X) Reed plate set in C-major -  Suitable for these models: (Pre-2018) Super 64, Chromonica III 280_64, Larry Adler 16_64
Note from KHS/Hohner:  All of our plates are pre-tapped. Reed Plate screws are NOT included.
If your 280 is very old with a wood comb you will need to replace the rivits with screws. If you need a techs help contact us.

Product Code: RP280-C

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