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HarpArm HarpStrip™ Iron- Based Adhesive-Lined Steel Strip (Insta-change™) includes Free USA Shipping


Manufacturer: HarpArm

Product Information

The HarpStrip™ Allows most standard 10-hole harmonicas not containing iron to be used with HarpArm® brand magnetic harmonica holders (Insta-change™ technology).
Simple to use: Place onto the HarpArm® magnet, remove the adhesive liner, and attach to harmonica.
Use one HarpStrip™ per each wood, plastic, or stainless steel (non-ferrous) harmonica.
HarpStrips™ are NOT required for standard steel harmonicas.
HarpStrip™ Specifications
Weight: 0.26 oz
Length: 2.0 in
Width: 0.5 in
Height: .08 in

Product Code: HA-53

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