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HarpArm HarpFlight™ Universal Magnetic Harmonica Holder (Insta-change™) includes Free USA Shipping


Manufacturer: HarpArm

Product Information

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The HarpFlight™ is a magnetic harmonica holder designed to be attached to all standard neck-worn harmonica holders. Its innovative magnetic attachment system has been designed to work with all standard 10-hole iron-based harmonicas and many ball-type mics!
The HarpFlight™ is a revolutionary product that enhances the comfort of harmonica players worldwide. It also greatly expands the popularity of playing the harmonica, especially as an added instrument, by giving the player much more freedom of movement and expression than they ever had in the past (Harmonica, Microphone stand, and microphone not included).
HarpFlight™ Features:
  • Hands free harmonica playing, with no neck apparatus to reduce body fatigue!
  • Designed to work with all standard 10-hole iron-based harmonicas and many ball-types!
  • Secure - the polymer covered rare-earth magnets efficiently secure the harmonica!
  • Convenience – optimized magnetic strength allows for instant harmonica changes!
(Harmonica, mic, and mic stand not included)
HarpFlight™ Specifications
Weight: 2.7 oz
Length: 3.75 in
Width: 1.25 in
Height: 1.38 in

Product Code: HA-54

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