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Harmonica Reed Guide for Hohner Diatonic Harmonica Repairs includes Free USA Shipping


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Harmonica Reed Guide is unique book on a market designed as a helpful guide for everyday harmonica repair. If your are looking for a replacement reed for your Hohner harp, this book will give you a quick answers so you don't have to calculate. Most of the book are the reed charts for Hohner Classic and MS Series Richter tuned harmonicas. This guide also reveal some harmonica secrets and can provide you information about, reeds, reed slots, tunings etc. So if you are a DIY kind a guy/gal and you like to repair or customize harmonicas, this is a must have book. It will save you time, money, help you to organize and it will turn your box of broken harps into a real treasure box.
Harmonica Reed Guide
- 60 full color pages
- 215 x 150 mm (8.4 x 5.9 inch)

Product Code: REEDGUIDE

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