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Manufacturer: Seydel

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Fanfare-S Available in keys:  C, D, G, A

The Fanfare-S – the first Tremolo harmonica with stainless steel reeds offers an unprecedented musical presence and assertiveness whilst minimizing air-loss.

  • Precision made acrylic comb – very airtight and durable.
  • Stainless steel covers – no possibility of corrosion.
  • Mouthpiece with round holes made of stainless steel - for lip-friendly playing.
  • 48 stainless steel reeds tuned according to the Solo-tuning with three full octaves – loud and overtone-rich sound with an unbeatable easy response.
  • Valves optimized for the Tremolo sound* – minimized air-loss at the same time as loud tone and a faster development of the desired beating.

The Fanfare-S – ambitious players of many traditional musical styles (Shanty, Alpenländische Volksmusik, Irish Folk, Cajun, etc.) will not want to miss out on this fantastic instrument. Many of the outstanding features of the Fanfare-S derive from our top chromatic model, the Saxony.

Fanfare-S (Solo-Tuning) C-major

blasen/blow C4 E4 G4 C5 C5 E5 G5 C6 C6 E6 G6 C7
Kanal/channel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
ziehen/draw D4 F4 A4 B4 D5 F5 A5 B5 D6 F6 A6 B6

*Tremolo-principle: The typical beating sound of a Tremolo harmonica (which reminds one of a Styrian accordion) is due to two reeds vibrating at the same time at a slightly different pitch.



Product Code: 23480

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