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The pic color may not look exactly like the comb color. The combs are a bit darker than the pics look.
Andrew's combs are all about performance. We do our best to stock all six colors in all his comb models. Please let us know your color preference in the "notes" section when you order.   Please email us first if you want quantity ( six or more) of any one color.The colors he offers are Dark Shadow, Maple Cream, Deep Black, Caramel Brown, Bleu Nuit, and Red Wine.There could be a two week wait time for specific color requests. You will be notified the day of your order.  Keep in mind if you order a specific color from Andrews site, he will charge you extra, we don't.
"Wow! What a difference your comb made on a Big River. ... man this harp really sings now. It has been hard to put it down. ... I would like to order some more. These are really worth every penny, great combs." - L.C. Colorado, USA.
Custom combs for Hohner Marine band, Hohner MS-series, Hohner Golden Melody, Special 20/Rocket,  Seydel 1847, Solist Pro, Favorite. Suzuki harmonicas, Lee Oskar,  and Delta Frost. For more info on models. see below in bold.
Earth-friendly, high-performance combs made for demanding players. Ideal for all musicians who want great tone and "overblow-level" response from their instrument.
Dark combs made from an earth-friendly composite of 100 per cent recycled paper, resin produced from naturally occurring raw materials and selected natural pigments. This material is strong, dense, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and does not emit any volatile organic compounds. It has been certified food safe, contains no petroleum-based chemicals and doesn't have an odour. You can submerge the whole harp under water to clean it.  I do.  You can't do that with a wood comb - even if it's sealed.  That criteria was on the top of my list when I went looking for a material from which to make combs.  The material is made to get wet. I spray coolant on them as they get cut. They are sopping wet when I cut them because the material is so tough, the drill bit heats up.  I found out I had to do that after I started a small fire in my shop once...  We learn by making mistakes and I "learned" a lot! All info from Andrew Zajac.
I do not know of any material that is better suited for harmonica combs. These combs have all the benefits of a flat, unsealed Pearwood comb with none of the drawbacks. This material allows me to focus on flatness without compromising the look and feel. The affordable price reflects how manageable it is to produce excellent combs out of this material. But don't be fooled - these are my very best combs.
Dark combs have a glossy smooth front for comfortable playing. The sides and back of my Dark combs are lightly polished to a matte finish which has a nice appearance and feels comfortable to hold. Over time and with use, these surfaces will develop their own natural shine as they become worn in.
My Dark combs are superior to combs made out of Corian. They do not shatter when dropped on the floor, and their production has a much lower environmental impact.
Andrew's combs are all about performance. We do our best to stock all six colors in all his comb models. Please let us know your color preference in the "notes" section when you order.   Please email us first if you want quantity ( six or more) of any one color.The colors he offers are Dark Shadow, Maple Cream, Deep Black, Caramel Brown, Bleu Nuit, and Red Wine. There could be a two week wait time for specific color requests. You will be notified the day of your order.  Keep in mind if you order a specific color from Andrews site, he will charge you extra, we don't.  Folks, if you have any questions about your combs after you receive them, please contact Andrew. We are not passing the buck. We are saving you time and getting you much better answers quicker. He wants to be the one to answer any concerns you may have regarding the combs he made. Andrew wants to hear from you direct.
Toll-Free in USA and Canada: Dial 1-877-262-3994
Models:10 Hole Diatonics
Golden Melody: In Stock
Marine Band: In Stock
Fits: 1896 when drilled, Marine Band Deluxe, Marine Band Crossover and Thunderbird.
Convert nailed Marine Band harps to screws; fits Marine Band 1896 (1950s to current). Pre-war Marine Bands, including "mouse ear". Also fits Pre-MS Blues Harps and wooden-combed Old Standy.
Seydel 1847 Series:In Stock
Fits: Seydel 1847 Classic, Silver, Noble, Solist Pro, Favorite and Lightning
Seydel Big Six: In Stock,  limited quantity
Easttop:T008k and T008s
MS-System:In Stock
Fits: Big River, Blues Harp, Crossharp, Proharp and MeisterKlasse. Please note Old Blues Harps 1980 or earlier will use a Marine Band Comb.
Suzuki: In Stock
Fits:  Suzuki Manji, Promaster, Olive, Firebreath, Pure Harp, Harpmaster, Bluesmaster and older Bushman Delta Frost.
All combs are 5.9mm +/- 0.3mm thick
Some harmonica reed plates were designed to be used with a recessed comb. These reed plates do not have a groove into which the coverplate can lock in. Although you can install these reed plates onto a "sandwich-type" comb, you may experience a loss of airtightness if the coverplates become bent. You will find some useful tip on converting these harmonicas here. (Sandwich-type harmonica tips and tricks)
*All information taken from Andew Zajac's website
**NOTE: Harmonicas not included

Product Code: AZCHC

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Customer Reviews

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Doesn't get any better

I bought several of these combs and what a difference because I play mostly single note melodies. Now I buy the parts and assemble my own harmonicas. You wont find a better guy to buy harps and parts from than Ron. He's honest, prompt, and up front.

James Martel :: 23 Dec 2018, 10:56

Wow! Just Wow!

I have now purchased, installed and am using 12 of these combs on Marine Bands, Deluxes and Crossovers. Just fantastic! Every single comb has been spot on. Flatten the blow plates using Andrew's F-tool and sand the draw plate flat, you will see a significant improvement in air tightness/response even before doing anything with your reed shape, gaps or embossing. I intend to outfit all of my harps with these combs and I'm tight with my cash...

John Doyle :: 26 Oct 2017, 15:08

simply great!!

turn an ordinary harmonica into one of the best in the world!! these combs are fantastic!!!

shakey lyman :: 03 Mar 2017, 15:19

Manji Combs

Just wanted to note how extremely well Andrew Zajac's combs work on the Low Key Manji harps :) They are flatter making them more air tight and easier to play :)

Steve Harvell :: 13 Oct 2016, 20:22

Andrew Zajac combs

I spent most of yesterday converting my MB 1896s (7) to screws, and replacing the stock combs with Andrew Zajac’s “Darkwood” offering. I’d previously flat-sanded the draw-reed plates of my MBs, sanded the original pearwood combs, and gapped the harps to my preference. I’ve been very happy with my MBs. Most of mine sounded pretty good after the aforementioned tweaks (A Bb C D Eb F G) and a couple (Bb and C) sounded very good. My only complaint was that they did seem a bit leaky, especially at the high end. So here’s my take on Andrews combs and the conversion process. First off, the conversion process is extremely simple, especially if you have a drill press. Each harp took about 30 minutes (disassembly, drilling, tapping a few holes, and re-gapping if necessary). More important is results. The change in response, after installing the new combs, was pretty impressive on several levels. First, I could not believe what a difference an airtight harp would make. I’ve spent several hours playing all the keys over last night and this morning, and responsiveness is greatly increased in every key. It’s actually going to take me a bit to get used to, in a good way, as I’m able to use far less breath force than was previously required. That aspect is especially notable on bends. Further, ease of playing on the high end of the harp is remarkable. Previously, I found myself having to strain a bit above hole six, and move a lot of air. Not so now. Tone is good. I won’t say the Darkwood combs sound the same as the pearwood comb (to my ear . . . and I realize that’s subjective). They strike me as a bit brighter. That said, I’m not talking magnitudes brighter. There just seems to be a subtle difference in timbre. Again subjective, I seem to note an increase in volume with (as mentioned earlier) far less breath force. Maybe I’m imagining it, or maybe I’m hearing the notes clearly due to eliminating much of the leakage factor. Who knows Also, it is handy to be able to rinse out the harps with a little water when need be (the combs don’t swell) and to easily dismantle. I’ve very rarely written a review on anything, but I felt I should in this case. It’s an infrequent occurrence these days to buy a product that not only performs as claimed, but in fact exceeds those claims. I consider that a big deal. Andrew has no idea I’m writing this, but an excellent product (and he offered great service too, answering a couple of questions I had very promptly) should be recognized. Rontana. These are avaible from RockinRons in the USA market.

Ron Marr :: 20 Aug 2016, 10:25

AZ Combs

I never been able to get a good seal with stock combs until I purchased one of AZ's comb for one of my Marine Band. These combs are amazing! I've already tried another one for a Big River. If you do anything to your harmonica, this would be the first step! Will definitely be back for more...

Dennis Senter :: 26 Jul 2016, 01:04

Super Seal on This Comb

Without doing any gapping, I sanded the draw plate and installed a Zajac comb on my OOTB Golden Melody and immediately noticed a difference in responsiveness and volume! RockinRonsMusic is the USA dealer for these great combs.

Greg :: 06 Apr 2016, 09:43

Zajac Combs

Andrew Zajac's combs are exceptional in every detail. Extremely flat, made from an evironmentally friendly fully sealed composite that more than captures the essence of the Hohner tone for me. I own two of AZs' combs for Hohner Marine Band diatonic, one is ten hole the other a twelve hole for 364. If you work on your own harmonicas you know that one of the first improvements to an instrument is a flat comb, Andrew's are top drawer.

Pete Burnett :: 20 Mar 2015, 15:04

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