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Bushman Leather Baby Fat Case Free USA Shipping


Manufacturer: Bushman

Product Information

We start with USA tanned leather from the prestigious Wickett & Craig tannery. We hand cut the leather, hand sew it, wet it, shove a Baby Fat harmonica into it. We then shape and snug the leather to the harmonica for a perfect, custom fit. We allow it to dry overnight so it permanently takes on the shape the harmonica. Then we hand rub the edges to a burnished sheen giving this cute little gem the professional look it deserves. We coat it in Fiebing’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil to soften and preserve the leather to last a lifetime. Quality leather like this gets better with time as it will develop a patina – a supple sheen that only comes with age and use. This is a pocket case that is meant to be carried around in your pocket while preventing pocket lint from getting into your harmonica. We didn’t put a snap on the flap as that would result in the pad for the male end of the snap coming in contact with the harmonica, but the flap stays closed while it’s in your pocket – it works great. Guaranteed to last the lifetime of the original purchaser. If you ever notice it getting dry, apply canola oil (or any cooking oil) to the leather, and if you ever want to make the case a darker, cinnamon color just keep coating it with oil until you get there. Warning: The smell of this case is so good, it can be become addictive. Order today and get FREE shipping in the USA!
**Baby Fat harmonica NOT inlcuded**

Product Code: BFC

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