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Buckeye Soul's Voice Harmonica Natural Minor Tuned Includes Free USA Shipping


Manufacturer: Buckeye

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In stock: 5Gnm, 4Bbnm, 2Dnm, 2Enm
Natural Minors – In the Key selection drop down window you’ll notice the keys of  Bbnm, Dnm, Enm and Gnm – these are Natural Minors. They are labeled in 1st position but meant to be played in 2nd position meaning that if you want to play “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” in A minor, then you need to order a Dnm. Minor tuned harmonicas offer a big advantage over playing a regular, major tuned harmonica in 3rd position because with a minor harmonica you get to play chords that work – the chords aren’t minor on a major tuned harmonica. Plus, there are a lot of other notes that simply don’t fit when trying to play in 3rd position. Playing in 3rd position on a major tuned harmonica is like walking in a mine field. You’re better off getting one of these minor tuned harmonicas at these ridiculously low prices. Info copied from the Bushman site.
The Soul's Voice has smooth, Stainless Steel cover plates and a plastic comb that’s been milled and rounded for comfort. Most harmonicas have brass reeds, the SV has longer lasting, copper colored, phosphor bronze reeds that not only provide hours of dependable play, they produce a rich, bluesy, “cracklely” tone that blues and rock players love. Basically, this harp is a Delta Frost with different covers. Comes with hard plastic Soul's Voice box.
Unlike Lee Oskar natural minors, Bushman natural minor keys are based on first position (straight harp).

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