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Brendan Power Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica Special Tuning Paddy-Richter includes Free USA Shipping


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Manufacturer: Brendan Power

Product Information

Here isBrendan's warranty info. Please refer to it before ordering or if you feel you have an issue after ordering. If you decide after you receive your order that there is a issue, please do not contact us about returns etc. Please do not order if you will not follow Brendans warranty info. 
After receiving many requests for the Lucky 13 in Paddy Richter tunings, I decided to bite the bullet and order a substantial batch of them to be specially made at the Easttop factory. They are now in stock and available to order!Paddy Richter Luckys come in G, C, and D, the main keys for Celtic music. The alt-tuned Lucky 13s have chromed coverplates including another requested feature: closed ends. This gives them a a different look/mouth-feel and a mellower tone than the stock Richter model with black side-vented covers. They will give all Lucky 13 players a chance to customise their harps, as of course the two types of coverplates will be interchangeable.
N.b. The photos have open-side covers. The new harps will have chromed covers with closed ends. 
Strictly speaking, this popular layout for melody playing should be called Double Paddy Richter on the Lucky 13. That's because the normal Paddy Richter low octave scale (with 3 blow tuned up a tone) is repeated an octave lower. This gives a lot of benefits, as shown in the video. Paddy Richter Luckys come only in G, C, and D.
For Key of C:
Tuning Diagram
Watch the Special Tuned Lucky 13 video to hear the tunings in action.
You can now get the Lucky 13 in Brendan's increasingly-popular special tunings
By placing your order, you agree to Brendan Power’s Terms and Conditions”.
Guarantees & Repairs
If for any reason you find fault with an item after receiving it, you must inform me in the first week of ownership. Email me if it is concerning a harmonica, and please attach an MP3 sound clip and/or photo of the issue you're experiencing. 
If the problem can't be fixed by email or phone, the harmonica or other item must be returned by you in as-new condition no later than 3 weeks after it was received. Once I receive it I will examine the reported issue. If there is indeed a problem, I will then repair or replace and re-ship at my expense, covering your return postal cost in addition. If there is no problem with the item, I will either re-post at your expense (with postal payment up-front), or offer you a refund minus 10% of the original price. This is because used harmonicas will require ultrasonic cleaning to return them to a hygenic condition.
Assuming either way that I post the harmonica or other item back, if you decide then not to keep it, it must be posted back by you in as-new condition no later than 1 week after it was received the second time. In that circumstance, once I get it back again you will be due a refund minus 30% of the total cost of your order. 
How you play is important for the long life of your harmonica! Some players blow out reeds very quickly due to bad technique. You should be careful not to blow and draw too hard, or bend any notes so low that the pitch is flat. Some reeds should not be bent but in the case of those that can, just bend to the note you want, to stay in tune and not over stress the reeds. Let the harp dry out after playing and keep in its case. 

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