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Andrew Zajac Shim Stock (three pieces) Free USA Shipping


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If ordered alone, we will send in an envelope. No tracking will be provided.
Shim stock is very useful to have on hand. Use it to de-burr after over-embossing or for measuring air leaks.
I tried sheets of tempered shim stock but ran into trouble. I can't cut small pieces easily without crumpling the edges and that defeats the purpose!
The very best shim stock is found inside Sensor-Matic anti-theft tags. You can find them on many products you buy off the shelf. Cut them open and you will find one or two pieces of one-thousandth of an inch tempered shim stock.
I bought a very large quantity of these exact same pieces of shim stock.
Probing for leaks:
Included is three pieces of tempered shim stock.

Product Code: SHIMS

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