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Bushman Delta Frost


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Manufacturer: Bushman

Product Information

Keys in stock: 1B, 1Db, 1E, 2Eb, 1F, 2F#, 3HG, 1LF   John Hall says he is expecting them at the end of FEB 2017.

Thousands of players have adopted the Bushman Delta Frost harmonica as their harp of choice. If you're tired of having to toss your harmonica because it has gone out of tune, stalled, or locked up after just a few gigs, you'll appreciate the Delta Frost's ruggedness and reliability. With its stainless steel cover plates and its milled, rounded plastic comb, the Delta Frost is a good looker as well as a great player. Bushman outfitted these harps with long-lasting, copper-colored phosphor bronze reeds that are more than just dependable. They also produce the bluesiest-sounding tone you've ever heard. Get yourself a Bushman Delta Frost and see what we mean.

Bushman Delta Frost Harmonica Features at a Glance:


12 standard keys A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb,  F,  F#, G plus LF and HG  

  • A quality instrument for all styles of music
  • Phosphor bronze reeds for reliable performance
  • Stainless steel cover plates for ruggedness
  • Milled, rounded plastic comb adds to comfort
  • Equal tuning 442 MHz

A note from John Hall regarding cardboard vs plastic boxes. 

Dear Ron,
All dealers everywhere will only be offering our Bushman Delta Frost harmonicas in the black and gold cardboard boxes.  We switched to the cardboard on January 1, 2015.  Anyone still receiving a plastic box is just moving old stock.  I have fond childhood memories of the cardboard boxes that the Hohner Marine Bands came in; so switching back to cardboard was a decision of personal preference and traditional.  We find that most Delta Frost players throw away the individual boxes that the harmonicas come packed in and carry their harmonicas in a master case; so for most of customers throwing away a collapsible cardboard case is better for the environment than if they were throwing away a plastic case.  Finally, the cardboard allows us to print a little more product info which makes a more attractive selling presentation in the music stores.  The cardboard boxes actually indicate that you have the freshest, newest, best stock!  
Bushman Harmonicas


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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Delta Frost

The Delta Frost, is one of my favorite harmonicas to pick up and play. It looks good, plays good and I like the cardboard box...And that is definitely, the coolest name ever, for a harmonica.

Gary Lane :: 10 Dec 2016, 11:37

Great Harp

I have several of these that I bought years ago. Excellent harp for blues, quite possibly the best. As good or better than harps selling for twice the price. I stopped buying them only because the only company that was selling them at the time was unreliable and seriously non-consumer friendly, the exact opposite of Rockin' Ron's.

HarpmasterB :: 14 Jan 2015, 10:55

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